Professional Translations in More than 77 Languages

We have in house Hebrew and Spanish native speakers who can assist you when you call. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question. Ordering a translation is not something that you do everyday and we understand your concerns. We clarify any doubt you may have and want you to feel confortable working with us.

Translation for USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

NVC - National Visa Center, USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. These are two very important bodies in the United States that always require to have all the documents in a foreign language to be translated and certified before they are submitted. We work with professional and experienced translators that have the knowledge to provide the translation exactly as it is needed to be presented. The translations come with a certificate of accuracy.

Financial Certified Translations

What is a financial translation? A financial translation is a translation made from a paystub, bank statement, mortgage history, tax records, proof of income and many other financial documents. Sometimes it is needed to prove financial support for studies in the USA or for the USCIS, they maybe required to purchase real estate and in general for many purposes.

Official Certified Translations

All our translations are certified. What is a certified translation? A certified translation is a translation that comes with a certification. We provide that certification on our letterhead. Our letterhead includes our ATA (American Translation Association) membership number and our special file number. The certification is a statement in which we declare that the translation is done by a professional translator fluent with the languages, signed and stamped.

Translation of Legal Documents

Professional certified translation of legal documents. Official certified and notarized translations of legal documents such as contracts, agreements, leases, claims, insurance claims, court documents, divorce decree and more. Our translation of legal documents undergo a rigorous review by a second translator and the final result is a perfect translation. Excellent Spanish to English translation, Hebrew to English translation.

Certified Translations of Academic Records

Want to continue your studies in the USA? Do you need to prove your education? We provide accurate translation of academic records such as diplomas, transcripts, degrees, tests results, Bagrut Certificates (Matriculation Certificates), report cards and any other academic record. This type of translation is done word for word and is formatted as a mirror image of your original document. These translations are always certified and notarization is available upon request.

Technical Translation

Translation of technical documents relates to a specific type of translation of technical material such as guides and user manuals, labels and employee guidebooks, brochures, quality certificates, quality reports, operation manuals, industry translation and much more.

Professional Translation of Medical Records

Need to see a doctor or have a treatment in the USA and you have medical documents in another language? Are you planning to travel and need your medical documents translated into another language? We can help. We provide translation of medical records, hospitalizations, insurance claims, medical consultation, lab reports, summary of treatments and more. We also offer urgent translation of medical records.

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We are BBT Translation Services. We are located in the USA and offer certified translations in many languages such as Hebrew into English or Spanish into English. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association. We have been in business since 2003 and we offer translation services in many fields. We have more than 100 excellent genuine reviews in Google that were given by real satisfied customers.

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